Vol 4, No 2 (2008)

Bible and Critical Theory

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Julie Kelso


Surveillant Discipline: Panoptic Vision in Early Christian Self-Definition PDF
David M. Reis
Intersections in Queer Theory and Postcolonial Theory, and Hermeneutical Spin-Offs PDF
Jeremy Punt
Revelation for Sale: An Intercultural Reading of Revelation 18 from an East Asian Perspective PDF
Rohun Park
The Story of Hannah (1 Sam 1:1–2:11) from a Perspective of Han: The Three-Phase Transformative Process PDF
Yung Suk Kim
‘My Business is Circumference’: A Meditation on Scission, Locution, Confession PDF
Hilary Emmett

Book Reviews

Review of John J. Collins, The Bible After Babel: Historical Criticism in a Postmodern Age PDF
George Aichele
Review of Corinna Riva & Nicholas C Vella (eds) Debating Orientalization: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Change in the Ancient Mediterranean PDF
Michael Carden
Review of Steven Schweitzer, Reading Utopia in Chronicles PDF
Roland Boer
Review of David Rhoads, From Every People and Nation: The Book of Revelation in Intercultural Perspective PDF
Rohun Park
Review of Dan O. Via, Divine Justice, Divine Judgment: Rethinking the Judgment of Nations (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007) PDF
Kathryn Imray
Review of Hector Avalos, The End of Biblical Studies PDF
Peter D. Miscall
Review of J. W. Rogerson, According to the Scriptures: The Use of the Bible in Social, Moral and Political Questions PDF
Craig Martin
Review of Jerome T. Walsh, Ahab: The Construction of a King PDF
Lou McNeil
Review of Ward Blanton, Displacing Christian Origins: Philosophy, Secularity and the New Testament PDF
Richard Walsh
Review of Fiona Black (ed.), The Recycled Bible: Autobiography, Culture and the Space Between PDF
Christina Petterson
Review of Anne F. Elvey, An Ecological Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Luke PDF
Rohun Park
Review of Warren S. Goldstein (ed.), Marx, Critical Theory and Religion: A Critique of Rational Choice PDF
Roland Boer

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