Vol 5, No 3 (2009)

Bible and Critical Theory

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Editorial PDF
Julie Kelso


Philosophia Ancilla Theologiae: Allegory and Ascension in Philo's On Mating with the Preliminary Studies (De congressu quaerendae eruditionis gratia) PDF
Hent De Vries
Only Agamben Can Save Us? Against the Messianic Turn Recently Adopted in Critical Theory PDF
Matthew Sharpe
'What is Inscribed in the Book': The Book Motif as a Productive Force in the Apocalypses of Daniel PDF
James Leveque
Meeting Achsah on Achsah's Land PDF
Judith McKinlay
'Would You Condemn Me That You May Be Justified?' Job as Differend PDF
Deane Galbraith

Book Reviews

Review of Mieke Bal, Loving Yusuf: Conceptual Travels from Present to Past PDF
Roland Boer
Review of Adrian Thatcher, The Savage Text: The Use and Abuse of the Bible PDF
Michael Carden
Review of Yung Suk Kim, Christ’s Body in Corinth: The Politics of a Metaphor PDF
Daniel L. Christiansen
Review of Luke Gärtner-Brereton, The Ontology of Space in Biblical Hebrew Narrative: The Determinate Function of Narrative 'Space' within the Biblical Hebrew Aesthetic PDF
Deane Galbraith
Review of Norman Whybray, Job PDF
Peter D. Miscall
Review of Ellen F. Davis, Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible PDF
Christine Mitchell
Review of Jeremy M. Schott, Christianity, Empire, and the Making of Religion in Late Antiquity PDF
Ellen Muehlberger
Review of Beverly Roberts Gaventa, Our Mother Saint Paul PDF
V. Henry T. Nguyen
Review of David A. Bernat and Jonathan Klawans, eds., Religion and Violence: The Biblical Heritage PDF
Anthony G. Rees
Review of David Sánchez, From Patmos to the Barrio: Subverting Imperial Myths PDF
Eric Repphun
Review of L. William Countryman, Dirt, Greed, and Sex: Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and Their Implications for Today PDF
Gillian Townsley
Review of Musa Wenkosi Dube, The HIV and AIDS Bible: Selected Essays PDF
Michael Carden

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