Vol 6, No 1 (2010)

Bible and Critical Theory

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Julie Kelso


Economies of Sacrifice in The Merchant of Venice: God, the Gift and Shakespeare PDF
Em McAvan
N.T. Wrong and the Bibliobloggers PDF
James Crossley
Habermas' formal pragmatics and the speech act of Stephen PDF
E. Alfred Knight
Language, exception, messianism: The thematics of Agamben on Derrida PDF
David Fiorovanti
Do Israelis Understand the Hebrew Bible? PDF
Ghil‘ad Zuckermann

Book Reviews

Review of Deborah W. Rooke (ed), A Question of Sex? Gender and Difference in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond PDF
Roland Boer
Review of Christl M. Maier, Daughter Zion, Mother Zion: Gender, Space and the Sacred in Ancient Israel PDF
Michael Carden
Review of Anders Gerdmar, Roots of Theological Anti-Semitism: German Biblical Interpretation and the Jews, from Herder and Semler to Kittel and Bultmann PDF
Esther Fuchs
Review of Timothy J.M. Ling, The Judean Poor and the Fourth Gospel PDF
Peter Phillips
Review of Philip R. Davies, Memories of Ancient Israel: An Introduction to Biblical History - Ancient and Modern PDF
Peter D. Miscall
Review of Deryn Guest, Robert E. Goss, Mona West and Thomas Bohache (eds), The Queer Bible Commentary PDF
Stephen Moore
Review of Jean-Luc Marion, The Visible and the Revealed PDF
Eic Repphun
Review of David M. Valeta, Lions and Ovens and Visions: A Satirical Reading of Daniel 1-6 PDF
Peter D. Miscall
Review of John Riches, Galatians through the Centuries PDF
V. Henry T. Nguyen
Review of Ela Nutu, Incarnate Word, Inscribed Flesh: John's Prologue and the Postmodern PDF
Peter Phillips
Review of Marcella Althaus-Reid & Lisa Isherwood (eds), Controversies in Contextual Theology PDF
Gillian Townsley
Review of David Shepherd (ed), Images of the Word: Hollywood's Bible and Beyond PDF
Eric Repphun

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