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Vol 1, No 3 (2005)

Bible and Critical Theory

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Roland Boer


The Fallen Towers: Pride, Envy and Judgement in the Modern City PDF
Graeme Davison
Gazing at Huldah PDF
Judith McKinlay
Hybridity and the Rhetoric of Endurance: Reading Paul's Athletic Metaphors in a Context of Postcolonial Self-Construction PDF
Robert Paul Seesengood
Mutuality Rhetorics and Feminist Interpretation: Examining Philippians and Arguing for our Lives PDF
Joseph A. Marchal
Endangered Ancestress Revisited: Sarah’s Miraculous Motherhood and the Restoration of Eden PDF
Michael Carden

Book Reviews

Review of Cheryl B. Anderson’s Women, Ideology, and Violence PDF
Judith McKinlay
Review of Barbara Green’s King Saul’s Asking PDF
Peter D. Miscall
Review of Julia Myers O’Brien’s Nahum PDF
Edgar W. Conrad
Review of Tony Klutz’s Magic in the Biblical World PDF
Michael Carden
Review of Rolf A Jacobson’s ‘Many are Saying’: The Function of Direct Discourse in the Hebrew Psalter PDF
Sean Burt
Review of Richard A. Horsley’s Jesus and Empire: The Kingdom of God and the New World Disorder PDF
Richard Walsh
Review of Richard A. Horsley’s Paul and the Roman Imperial Order PDF
Robert Paul Seesengood
Review of Richard Walsh’s Reading the Gospels in the Dark: Portrayals of Jesus in Film PDF
Christina Petterson
Review of Alice Bach’s Religion, Politics, Media in the Broadband Era PDF
Richard Walsh
Review of Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan’s Pregnant Passion: Gender, Sex, and Violence in the Bible PDF
Kristi Upson-Saia
Review of Alain Badiou’s Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism PDF
Fiona Marantelli
Review of George Aichele’s The Control of Biblical Meaning: Canon as Semiotic Mechanism PDF
David Jobling
Golden Oldies PDF
George Aichele
Review of Roland Boer’s Marxist Criticism of the Bible PDF
David Jobling

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